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Thu, 14 Nov 2013 10:45:00 GMT

How far should you go to fight your fear?

Vikram and Vishal are cousins studying in the same medical college. Vikram being the elder and brighter one. Vikram also secretly loves his batchmate Shriti.

How far should you go to fight your fear?

One day Vikram goes missing and Vishal searches the entire college looking for him. When he asked their batchmates, he only got vague replies. Vishal then reported this to the dean, who involved the police and Vikram’s parents for a proper search. Not convinced by the police search, Vishal searches the full college. The suspicious behaviour of Shriti, Rajnesh, Kriti and Kunal baffles him. Vishal then visits the forbidden haunted house behind the college and sees a dead body. But before he could dig deeper he was caught for trespassing.

When he takes the dean and others to show them the body, it goes missing. This reinstates his suspicion. After this incident, the behaviour of the batchmates becomes even more suspicious. Shriti starts to seek psychiatric help. Once again Vishal visits the haunted house and this time Rajnesh and Kunal warn him to stay out of the investigation.

Meanwhile Shriti commits suicide leaving behind a note ‘Vikram is going to kill me’. After this Vishal again visits the haunted house and finds Vikram’s dead body, which coaxes Kunal and Rajnesh to finally confess that they tricked Vikram into proving his love for Shriti by fighting his fear and visiting the haunted house. Their prank is too much to bear for the already petrified Vikram and he succumbs. Because of the fear of being caught, the two boys hide Vikram’s body in the haunted house, but ultimately the truth comes out!

Karan Says:

It is ok to have fun in limits but practical jokes can get risky.

The batch-mates did not realise the consequences of their prank could lead to Vikram’s death

Playing with someone’s fear for momentary pleasure is simply wrong

Shriti could have stopped everyone from going ahead with the prank because she was closest to Vikram

Karan’s Tips:

How far to go to fight your fear is in your handsGoing overboard with anything, even fun, is wrong

Having fun at the cost of someone else is not justified

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