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Wed, 20 Nov 2013 10:45:00 GMT

I have had enough!

‘Enough is Enough’! Everyone has a threshold of how much they can bear. Beyond this point, things could take unforeseen turns!


As teenagers, we all come across things that we have enough circumstances where you feel you have had enough. Here is the 5 list -

‘My parents just don’t seem to be satisfied with the grades I get’

Everyone faces situation where their parents are not satisfied with their grades. You might be the topper in your college but you can still do better. There is no end to their expectations when it comes to you. The pressure this expectation creates basically leaves you with no time to have a life.

‘My girlfriend/boyfriend gives me no space’

Possessiveness seems cute till it doesn’t encroach into your personal space. A partner doesn’t seem less than a ghost if they are constantly wandering on your head. A relationship is not healthy if both the partners are not satisfied with the way it is functioning.  It’s like we were always told that excess of anything is bad, the same rule applies to relationships as well.

‘This relationship of being best friends seems one sided’

What if you are the only one who believes that the mere relationship of friendship has reached its next pedestrian? Or what if you have over-determined the intensity of your relationship? Or worse what if your best friend has moved on from a relationship that you are still very much an active part of? Then it is only till a certain amount of time that you will take it. Eventually it will get to you and then the hurts starts to settle in.

There are so many other things that we are done with. “I have had enough” is a statement we use often. Tell us what are the things that you have enough of…?

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