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Wed, 20 Nov 2013 11:15:00 GMT

Is this the end for Taarey?

Love, break ups and confusion – three words that aptly define the life in college and how much ever efforts your friends put in to protect you from it; the impact eventually hits you and the severity can never be predicted.

Is this the end for Taarey?

Rey had only recently realised his error in letting Taani go, but the consequences of his actions have only increased. Taani is getting engaged and invited Rey and the entire D3 gang to her ceremony.

Rey is heartbroken with the loss of the second girl he loved. Even though he is not comfortable at the thought of attending Taani’s engagement, he goes for Sharon.

Meanwhile, Sharon considers this as an opportunity to rekindle her romance with Swayam. She believes that this engagement is the perfect opportunity for it.

However, the dilemma of romance versus friendship is troubling her when the rest of the gang decides to stay back for Rey. The only solution she can find is to approach her best friend, Rey.

Is Taani’s engagement going to leave Rey moping over lost love or is it going to bring back memories of his first love, Kriya? Is it going to be a choice between Taani or Kriya for Rey?

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