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Thu, 31 Oct 2013 17:30:00 GMT

Karan and psychologist on attraction towards a married person

Infatuation can have many a faces, some bearable and some pure ugly. Having a simple crush or attraction towards someone may have no consequences and feel nice. But when you let your heart overrule your mind, let your logic go for a toss, that’s when things start to take a dirty turn.

Karan and Psychologist on attraction towards a married person

Falling for someone where it is evidently inappropriate requires a serious jolt of self-realisation and a reality check. If you realise you are going in the wrong direction, talking it out and seeking advice can help. Simply ignoring the facts and going ahead nonetheless can only have an ugly ending!

Feeling attracted towards your best friend’s father, can anyone ever justify this as correct? It seems wrong at every level. Having feelings for a married person, that too a friend’s father is simply wrong.

The right thing to do is to let good sense take over and maintain distance from the moment you realise you’re deviating from the right path. But when you let the leash loose on yourself, and head the wrong way at full speed, you can’t expect to find a bed of roses on your path. Things will get ugly and they will have severe consequences.

Be in control of your emotions and let your heart not takeover your mind. Be aware be safe!

Karan’s Advice:

1. A girl always looks for a fatherly figure and a family who would listen to her hidden feelings.

2. Natasha shouldn’t have crossed that line, in search of having someone to hear her out.

Psychologist’s Advice:

1. To have a crush in teenage is normal but those feelings need to be controlled in time.

2. Attraction and Love are two different things.

3. You always need to draw a line between being indecisive and listening to your heart.

Karan Says:

1. Communicating your feelings is not wrong but being immoral definitely is.

2. Be sure that your personal feelings are of no harm to anybody else.

3. The more information you have, the more aware and prepared you will be.

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