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Mon, 03 Feb 2014 22:15:00 GMT

Kindness, friendship and enmity

There is no better way of beating enmity than with kindness.

Kindness, friendship and enmity

When one does bad and the other does good constantly, changes start coming into the picture and at the end of it good prevails.

The buddies are trying to do the same. In order to fulfil Jaitley sir’s wishes and understand Harsh better, for every wrong action of Harsh, the buddies have planned to show kindness. RV has quit his position as student president and Panchi has become the new president, Kiya is being friendly too Harsh while KD is trying to accept this friendship with difficulty. They believe that this way Harsh will fall for kindness once, and they will be able to understand him better. They will be able to improve him, help him get rid of his ego just the way Jaitley sir helped the buddies.

Will the buddies succeed in replicating Jaitley sir’s actions? Or are they just fighting a lost cause?

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