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Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:15:00 GMT

Kriya’s coming back!

Kriya, as we last saw her, had to leave Mumbai because her mom didn’t want her to dance anymore.

Kriya’s coming back!

But she didn’t want to reveal this to her friends. So she lied to Rey and her friends and left them high and dry when a major performance was due. But now she’s on her way back.

So what lies ahead for Kriya? And for Rey? Is it the life with Taani he has grown to recognize as normal, or one filled with passion and dance with Kriya?

Can you actually forgive someone who has broken your heart? For Rey, Kriya was the most important element in his life and when she left, he needed a long time to get his heart back in place and get Taani into his life.

As for Kriya, what lies in store for her? Will her friends forgive her and accept her back into the group? And what else has happened in this one year that has gone by, has it changed her or is she still the same Kriya that we knew and loved?

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