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Fri, 17 Jan 2014 23:45:00 GMT

Love triangles and misunderstandings

In order to gain one success you have to sacrifice a lot from what is precious to you. Let it be in terms of time, friends or your personal comfort.

Love triangles and misunderstandings

This is exactly what is happening with the buddies.

While they are on a mission to fulfil what Jaitley sir has asked them to, differences and insecurities are creeping onto their way. Harsh is flirting with Kiya and their closeness is disturbing KD. This in turn is leading to differences in their relationship. Harsh is using these insecurities and differences to make the life more difficult for KD.

The basketball match of Chillars VS Dhakkans is not helping in soothing the matters. With RV and KD in opposite teams, KD even has the fear of losing his friend too Harsh.

In the process of fulfilling Jaitley sir’s wishes will the buddies be able to find their own happy ending? Or will it cause a crack in their friendship and relationships?

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