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Wed, 06 Nov 2013 18:15:00 GMT

Love triangles & obsessive love

This is the story of Sana, Mohit and Pratik, three very young and immature college goers.

Love triangles & obsessive love

Sana and Pratik is a couple and sometime down their relationship, they take a step forward and get physical. Sana was not very open to the idea, given her own values and also family background. But she agrees thinking that this is what Pratik needs to commit to their relationship. After this incident, Sana is very adamant on getting married immediately. But Pratik resists because he wants to focus on career.

Meanwhile, Sana’s obscene pictures are found all over the internet, which brings her a lot of shame in college, even her parents find out. She assumes it is Pratik’s doing, and is very hurt and angry.

Mohit, Sana’s childhood friend, convinces her to take revenge on Pratik and kill him. But she backs out at the last minute. Sana answers a call on Mohit’s phone and finds her own pictures in there, which makes her realize that it was Mohit who splashed her morphed pictures everywhere. He then confesses his love to her and she hates him for having done something so horrible to her. This is when he stabs her to death. He then informs the police that Pratik killed Sana. But the police investigation traces the IP address of the computer used to upload Sana’s pictures back to Mohit and he is arrested!

Karan's Take

1) Sana shouldn’t have concluded that Pratik was the culprit. She could havee consulted elders and asked for an investigation.

2) She shouldn’t have listened to Mohit, and agreed to take revenge from him.

Karan’s Tips

1) One person’s mistakes has consequences for all people involved

2) If there is one sided love, you should confide in someone or even try to confess and see

3) We don’t create our feelings, but controlling them is in our hands

4) Don’t take the law in your hands. Try to find the right solution

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