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Wed, 06 Nov 2013 18:00:00 GMT

Love triangles can take a very sharp turn sometimes

Two people like each other and are in a relationship but there may be one more person who is interested in the girl, about which no one may be aware.

Love triangles can take a very sharp turn sometimes (© Corbis)

If you are facing the case of one sided love, you may want to seek advice from friends or may be even try to confess it to the person you love, especially if they are your childhood friend and you know you know have a good rapport with them.

If you realize that the person you love is getting closer and closer to someone else, you need to control your feelings and seek a friend’s shoulder. But taking things in your hand and taking a decision in extreme anger will help no one.

One person's actions have severe consequences on all people involved. So think before you act.

If you love someone, it’s not necessary for them to love you back, this is something you need to bear in  mind and accordingly measure your behavior.

If you wish distance yourself from them for sometime but don’t decide to take revenge just because they don’t reciprocate.

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