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Wed, 06 Nov 2013 18:45:00 GMT

Paanch: Don’t get mad, get even

Paanch is the story of 18 year old Roshni, a shy girl who enters a college in Mumbai to ‘right some wrongs’. She takes upon the mammoth task of transforming herself into someone she who she isn’t - unforgiving and brutal.

Paanch: Don’t get mad, get even

She is doing all this to avenge something that has deeply affected her in her past.

Her target - five seniors in her college. She believes that reaction isn’t going to get her anywhere and to make a difference, she needs to act.

What’s her story? Can a single meek girl take down a group of five seasoned college bullies? Will Roshni be able to get closure for her past wounds?

Tune in to “Paanch – Don’t get Mad, Get Even” to find out. Starts on November 25th, on the all new Channel V.

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