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Fri, 17 Jan 2014 23:45:00 GMT

Possessiveness, quarrels and friendship

Love is a beautiful feeling but when one becomes possessive in love the problems start.

Possessiveness, quarrels and friendship

Relationships start becoming sour and you even create hindrance in the new friendships that could have come your way.

This is what is happening with KD, who is becoming increasingly jealous of Karan and Kiya’s increasing closeness, especially now that they have become friends. At the same time he is having arguments with RV over him leaving Kiya alone with Karan and also being on Karan’s team for the basketball match. Meanwhile, Jaitley sir has organised for a basketball tournament in which KD and Panchi are on team and RV and Karan are on the other. This is bringing RV and Karan closer to each other as well.

Will Karan be a new friend to the gang? Or is this the beginning to new troubles?

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