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Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:15:00 GMT

Ram Leela

Sudden revelations and shocking turns of events stir things up each time.

Ram Leela

So when the dean things thinks that The D3 team is not competent enough to create Ram Leela on stage all by themselves, he invites director Nana to help the team.

However, the team mistakes him for Nana Patekar and they get very excited about it after which they realize it is not the actor Nana but the director.

Rey avoids talking to Sharon and does not force or even invite her for an outing with the team. Swayam objects to this and tells him to be normal with her since she needs him.

Sharon again tries to stop Swayam and explain to him as to why was she almost about to reveal his name when asked about her love in the truth and dare game. But Swayam refuses to budge since he realizes that he does not hate Sharon but knows that she does not love him either. Meanwhile Sharon decides to continue her efforts to win back Swayam.

Team D3 enacts Ram Leela and performs a great dance after that. But soon after, Swayam gets the shock of his life when his father informs him over a phone call that Taani is getting engaged and that he will have to take a few days off from college.

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