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Mon, 03 Feb 2014 22:15:00 GMT

Rescuing loved ones

Protectiveness comes from concern and when it is genuine it shouldn’t be misunderstood.


Rescuing loved ones

 We do not simply call anyone a loved one because a lot of our energy goes in saving them from trouble, to see them happy and to have that beauty of emotions inside you to make them feel safe.

Once we get close to a certain set of people, they become our priority and we get to know the vulnerable side of them. We realize what could make them happier and what could ever hurt them and we want them to stay away from all the negativity in their life and so the efforts to rescue them from everything that has the possibility to inculcate hollowness in them.

They might behave angrily or act weird but at the end they know you care for them and want their betterment, if they come back and apologize, just forgive them and maintain the purity of your adored relationship.

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