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Wed, 06 Nov 2013 18:45:00 GMT

Sadda Haq

This is the story of a brilliant and curious girl who has harboured the dream about of becoming an engineer.

Sadda Haq

She is fascinated with anything that is related to machines and gadgets. But the girl Sanyukta Agrawal belongs to a very conservative family where men are everything, and women are just supposed to be wives, daughters and sisters.

They aren’t supposed to have dreams or aspirations. From a patriarchal family she makes her way to a premier engineering college where the patriarchy continues. In the bastion of male dominance, is an all-boys world with less than 10% of the students being girls.

Set in a top-notch engineering college, a setting quite different from what we have seen on television up till now.  The college hostel rooms will be small and messy, the boys will be well, ‘Boys’. They change bed sheets once in two months, abuse freely, objectify women, judge them and talk about sex all the time.

The boys automatically divide themselves into various groups and the girls tend to form girl gangs, which are not necessarily because they like each other but mostly due to their sheer non-existing numbers.

Watch out for Sadda Haq, starting on November 25th on the all new Channel V!

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