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Wed, 06 Nov 2013 18:30:00 GMT

Someone special is returning back in Rey’s life!

Life is full of uncertainties. Sometimes people enter our lives and exit without any reason. People come and go.

Someone special is returning back in Rey’s life!

Relationships are build and broken. Sometimes people become your friends without any reason, and there are times when you have made enemies without doing any wrong to them. A sudden departure of closed ones is the last thing you want to experience especially if you have been in a relationship with them. But hey, what if those long lost souls come back in your life? Will things still be the same… and will you still share the same warmth with them as you earlier?

An old friend is going to come back in the D3 team. Who is this person? May be Kriya or Taani are coming back.

What lies in Rey’s future – a happy domestic life with Taani or a life of Dance & Passion with Kriya?

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