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Thu, 31 Oct 2013 17:00:00 GMT

Stumbling into temptations

Sometimes you get cheated by your mind, and you can’t help but succumb to your temptations.

Stumbling into temptations

Nilesh and Vicky two very talented dancers of the D3 team, plan to make some money through street dance face off. It is not wrong to make money by applying your talent and skills but the method you choose could not be appropriate. Especially if it’s a competition and you are representing your team, that is definitely not the time to think about your personal gains, isn’t it? It always helps to talk it out with your friends, they always understand.

It needs a lot of courage to confess your love to someone. And, when you do so, you want that moment to very special and private. But, what if accidently the entire college hears your love story, would you step back and be in denial? Swayam is shattered to hear that Sharon never loved him. There are situation when you want to go back and clear out the line of confusions, but sometimes it’s too late.

Watch D3 for an overdose of love, friendship and of course dance!

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