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Mon, 26 Aug 2013 18:00:00 GMT

Suvreen Guggal

Suvreen Guggal is the protagonist of this show. Guggal is a gorgeous but simple 19 year old girl from Kathgodam. Suvreen topped her 12th Board Exams with 89%.

Suvreen Guggal

She is determined, thought-provoking, naive and righteous. Her interests are playing guitar, thinking, solving other people's problems, making friends, studying, listening to music and many more.

Suvreen being an Independent woman of today’s time, struggles and finds a foothold in the fashion industry. She still is not established but while trying to make a mark she is striving to strike a balance between her family, career, love and friends.

While she struggles to get through the obstacles created by situations, she somehow manages to find her a different version of herself.

The recent re-involvement of her parents in her life has got her thinking about the choices she has made. It’s a constant battle between her morals and her ambitions. The journey of her self-discovery is on.

Genre: Teen drama


Smriti Kalra (Suvreen Guggal)

Shivin Narang (Yuvraj Singh)

Opening theme: Teenage Problems and Questioning Irrelevant Rules And Regulations

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