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Sun, 27 Oct 2013 16:30:00 GMT

Swimming through all hindrances

Sometimes when you have too many responsibilities on your plate it is very natural to get irritated, especially if you are living with your parents.

Swimming through all hindrances

You need your privacy and space to vent out your feelings, and parents could be a hindrance. But, does that mean you don’t love them?

There are times when you are working on important projects and some problems just keep popping up one after the other. You solve one problem and there is another one waiting for you. You feel you are going in the right direction and suddenly all tables turn against you.

Suvreen gets VC’s contract but Manini plays her cards again. She lures them for a better portion in Global Indian and postpones the share in the contract. Suvreen constantly fights a tough battle to get back IRIS from Manini, but this mission has caused a dent in Yuvraj and her relationship.

How will Suvreen get back IRIS against all odds? Find out from Mon-Fri at 5:30 pm only on channel V.

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