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Wed, 20 Nov 2013 11:00:00 GMT

The equation of friendship changes

Friendship is the lifeline everyone survives on in college and the memories created by this relationship become a person’s heartbeat and stay with them forever. However, when the friendship is between two people of opposite genders it often creates mixed emotions.

The equation of friendship changes

The level of closeness is directly proportionate to the amount of time spent with your partner and it’s said that love is directly proportionate to the amount of closeness.

The truth of this mathematical equation is seen when one’s feelings changes towards their best friend.

The confusion is not when the feeling change or when love comes into picture, the confusion is when one of you is already in a relationship and you aren’t able to understand what is it that your heart is actually telling you.

While you are trying to solve the internal turmoil, circumstances can turn in the opposite direction.

So how do you decide if the direction of your thought is correct?

The true question is should you be happy with the bird in hand or play the gamble and pray for the unexpected.

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