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Fri, 17 Jan 2014 23:00:00 GMT

The new Romeo and Juliet

Girls and boys are different in many ways that go beyond gender.

The new Romeo and Juliet

Their personalities and idea of living life is also opposite to each other. Girls have their lives planned out, sometimes way beyond a five year plan, while, boys like to live by the minute; planning 5 minutes ahead is also a crime. What happens when the two decide to follow the opposite genders way is a catastrophe.

Jo, Urvashi and Nikki are tired of planning while Maddy, Rocky and Bappa have become tired of their unplanned ways and have decided to try planning out. In this moment of adaptation Mrs. Sikka has asked the boys and girls to enact a play on Romeo and Juliet. Girls wanting to stick to their earlier decision refuse to practice while boys seem to be finding a need to not go impromptu this time. A series of confusion is created but at the end of it the play is successfully executed, with a dash of humour.

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