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Wed, 20 Nov 2013 11:15:00 GMT

Think before you do

Like the theory of chain reaction, even in real life each and every action has multiple reactions. So whatever steps we undertake today shouldn’t be impulsive and should be done keeping in mind the repercussions that could arise.

Think before you do

This what happened in the lives of Aliya, Anjum and Kanchan - three best friends whose life took a drastic turn the day Aliya in her insecurities decided to tamper with the outfit of Anjum leading to a malfunction on the ramp in front of a large audience and cameras.  The humiliation that Anjum faced on the ramp wasn’t the end of it; MMSs were made and circulated via email across college, making it difficult for Anjum to survive in college.

This had gone way out of proportion, even more than what Aliya had imagined. What was supposed to be a simple act of stepping ahead in the career became a public humiliation for Anjum.

Anjum in her rage to seek revenge took help from Santosh - a guy was blindly in love with Anjum. She got him to harass Aliya, stalk her and later even asked her to take a video of Aliya being molested.

At multiple times life has taught us that it is not going to go as you plan it. While filming this video, Aliya gets to see Santosh’s face, and from the fear of being caught he is forced to kill her.

With the insecurity of winning and the anger of avenging, two best friends lost their friendship, one lost her life and the other along with her boyfriend, were sent to remand home.

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