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Sun, 22 Dec 2013 23:15:00 GMT

Trust, work and friendship

Once you feel betrayed it is very difficult to start trusting again, no matter the efforts from the other person or what your friends tell you.

Trust, work and friendship

Things just don’t go to normal with their return.

This is what is happening in the lives of the D3 gang. Kriya’s entry has created a turmoil and great amount of confusion as to whether she can be trusted or not and while trust is an issue the gang has been forced to put up a performance with her as a medium of participation in the exchange programme. While Sharon is trying to be supportive, Rey is unable to do so. He even tries to opt out of it but is instead made to give an interview. In all this flummox of emotions he isn’t even able to dance properly with Kriya.

The gang has come face to face with a blast from their past. Is this the beginning of a war for them or rekindling of a romance?

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