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Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:15:00 GMT

What’s bigger... Friendship or Ego?

Fights and arguments happen all the time in relationships. However, resolving them is our own responsibility.

What’s bigger... Friendship or Ego?

But there are times when that conversation you wanted to have with your loved one gets delayed because of hesitation, ego or just plain stubbornness. That’s fine when you have all the time in the world but life sometimes throws a twist in its tale and suddenly that open window is gone.

Consider this, you are having a fight with the best friend in your life, and since you don’t want to apologize, you simply ignore her efforts. Even when you are thinking of her all the time, you do not want to admit it. But beware, the more time you spend procrastinating resolving the issue, the more chances are of it not happening at all!

So just forget your issues and if you ever get into an argument with your loved ones, simply make up and get back to being friends as soon as you can!

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