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Wed, 20 Nov 2013 10:30:00 GMT

What women want

Relations have been confusing right since Adam and Eve. Boys seem to think they know what girls want and girls, being the more complex of the two sexes, always decide to prove them wrong.

What Women Want

If a boy thinks that his girl would want flowers on her birthday, he probably couldn’t be more wrong. The girl will want more than just one gift from her boyfriend on her birthday.

The flowers should wake her up, chocolates should be next. When he meets her, he should get her a perfume, some clothes. She should believe that he has actually spent time and effort in buying her gifts.

Movies too have shown that, just when the guy thinks he has finally understood what the girl wants, he falls flat on his face.

Girls are infamous for almost never meaning what they actually say and not saying what they mean.

It’s probably correct to say “even girls don’t know what they want”. Do you agree?

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