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Mon, 26 Aug 2013 18:45:00 GMT

What's new on Crazy Stupid Ishq

We tell you what's happening on Crazy Stupid Ishq:

Crazy Stupid Ishq

Ishaan is falling in love with Anushka

Ishaan has started developing feelings for Anushka. He wants to become a better person and not hurt her, but can a person change his real self completely? In his attempt at getting Anushka, Ishaan might just break his own brother’s heart.

Anushka’s got to the Jealousy stage!

Shanaaya and Ayaan go out on a date to a karaoke bar. Anushka walks into the bar and sees Shanaaya and Ayaan dancing. Seeing Shanaaya in Ayaan’s arms makes Anushka jealous. First sign of love is around the corner.

Shanaaya proposes to Ayaan

The Crazy Stupid Ishq love triangle gets crazier when Shanaaya proposes to Ayaan. Shanaaya tells Ayaan that she loves him at a party. The B-town girl Shanaaya doesn’t seem to have taken it well. Maybe she has some new tricks up her sleeve!

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