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Mon, 26 Aug 2013 18:45:00 GMT

What's new on Dil Dostii Dance

We tell you what's happening on Dil Dostii Dance

Dil Dostii Dance

D3 wins NDC

The Dil Dostii Dance Team bags the 1st place position at National Dance Competition and proves their metal!

Taani leaves Rey

Taani finds out that Rey broke up with her for her own good but still decides to leave Rey. Rey tries to convince Taani but she has moved on and leaves St. Louis College for good.

Rey and Sharon to be the new sizzling couple?

Adi is using his “Divide and Rule” policy and trying to break the team apart. He pairs up Rey and Sharon for the upcoming music video and uses Swayam and Sharon’s rain dance song. Adi says the music video must be sensuous and close. Swayam and Sharon’s relationship might just hit ground zero!

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