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Sun, 27 Oct 2013 15:45:00 GMT

When close ones break your trust…

Sometimes you do little things for your loved ones, to make them happy.

When close ones break your trust…

Say if you are celebrating rose day in college, what would you do? You would buy a quintal of roses and give it to all your best friends in college won’t you?

The buddies are celebrating happiness with the rose day in college. Panchi has planned to do something special for her love Avi. But, later she finds out that Avi was the one involved behind the election scandal, due to which KD had to suffer. She finds no reason to be with him, and breaks up. Misunderstandings happen, but what if your boyfriend does something like this? Would you break up?

Panchi is shattered and leaves for Delhi with her mother. A change of place and a change of people can seldom help to mend a broken heart but when injuries are grave, how far can you travel to hide them?

The buddies are like family to each other, catch them from Mon-Sat at 6 pm, only on Channel V.

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