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Thu, 03 Oct 2013 23:15:00 GMT
'Ek Ghar Banaunga' - Episode 113, 112 & 111

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Episode 113

Akash orders Poonam to leave the house

Akash blames Poonam for Prarthana's situation. Poonam becomes upset when Gautam instigates Akash against her. Akash warns Poonam to stay away from Prarthana. He persuades Gautam and his family to accept Prarthana, and invites them to his house. Gautam and his family decide to visit Shashikanth's house. Later, Shashikanth welcomes Gautam’s family to discuss about Prarthana's engagement with Gautam. Poonam intervenes their discussion. Akash humiliates Poonam, and orders her to leave the house.