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Fri, 09 Aug 2013 11:45:00 GMT
'Ek Ghar Banaunga' - Episode 73, 72 & 71

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Episode 73

Shashikant yells at Kanu

Mangaladevi reveals to Shashikant that Kanu stole the ancestral saree and tried to put the blame on Poonam. Shashikant yells at Kanu as she tears the saree. Poonam apologises to Kanu. Kanu predicts that Poonam will conceive a child and will not leave the house. Prarthana tells Aakash that Poonam is refusing to have food. Mangaladevi pours herself a drink. Aakash finds her crying. He calls Poonam and Prarthana to console her. Mangaladevi tells them that she will do penance for Kanu's mistake.