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Sat, 26 Oct 2013 12:30:00 GMT
'Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi, Meri Bhabhi' - Episode 94, 93 & 92

Episode 92

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Amrit sees Shraddha speaking to Kunal happily

The family members spend some nice moments watching the video of their badminton match. Amrit becomes dejected on thinking about Kamini's blame on Shraddha. Zorawar comforts her. Zorawar asks Amrit about her behaviour towards Kunal. Kamini calls Jaya but she is half asleep. Kunal calls Shraddha at night and apologises to her on Kamini’s behalf. Shraddha refuses to befriend Kunal. Amrit sees Shraddha speaking to Kunal happily, over the phone.