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Mon, 16 Sep 2013 23:45:00 GMT
'Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera' - Episode 233 & 232

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Episode 233

Veera finds Ranvijay's school bag

Kartaar kidnaps Ranvijay. Veera goes in search of Ranvijay. Kartaar informs Ranvijay that he has escaped from the prison and he will marry Ratan. Veera asks Bansari to persuade Balwant to search for Ranvijay. She gives five rupees to Bansari. Veera goes to the place where she had seen Ranvijay for the last time. Ranvijay escapes from Kartaar's captivity. Veera finds Ranvijay's school bag and his belongings as she goes in search of him.