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Wed, 19 Mar 2014 14:45:00 GMT

If love becomes selfish, it's not love

Love is selfless. One's status, position and power should not have an adverse effect on those they love. And if at all they do, then it's not love.

If love becomes selfish, it's not love

Love is not about being self absorbed. When someone is in love, they will look beyond their desires and sacrifice anything for their partner.

When a girl leaves her family, and compromises on her education and dreams for her partner, she expects nothing more than trust and love in return. Are her expectations too much to be fulfilled?

Ragini and Vikrant were deeply in love and got married. The aspiring Chief Minister, Vikrant, forgets his love and marital limitations when his political career is on the rise. Ragini was once Vikrant's strength and now she is reduced to be a matter of disgrace for him.

Is their love so fickle? Or was it even love in the first place?

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