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Tue, 22 Oct 2013 22:45:00 GMT

Kamini accuses Shraddha of getting close to Kunal

Shraddha is divorced from Bobby. She is currently not committed to anyone. Kamini has doubts that Shraddha is having feelings for Kunal.

Kamini accuses Shraddha of getting close to Kunal

Shraddha is a young, single mother. Her bhabhi Kritika hs a younger brother Kunal. Recently Kunal and Shraddha have had a fair share of interaction. Kunal's mother Kamini does not like her son interacting with Shraddha as she is a divorcee. She fears he will fall in love with her.

Kamini asks Amrit to tell Shraddha to stay away form her son. Amrit does not appreciate what Kamini is suggesting. She tells her not to put false accusations on Shraddha.

Will Shraddha and Kunal's relationship be damaged due to Kamini's doubts? Will Kunal react to his mother's words?

Shraddha and Kunal share a very innocent friendship then why does Kamini keep doubting Shraddha and her intentions? Will Shraddha find out about this? Moreover how will Kritika react to her mothers actions?

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