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Tue, 18 Feb 2014 16:15:00 GMT

Let's laugh and get mad with 'Mad In India'!

A stressful day or just troubles by the plenty, just laugh it out! Get ready to go mad-madder-maddest with 'Mad In India', a light hearted and incredibly funny show only on STAR Plus.


Let's laugh and get mad with 'Mad In India'!

Have we all forgotten how to laugh? Well, we're here to bring back the roaring sound of laughter in everyone's lives with infectious humour. Our new show, 'Mad In India', together with the very cute Chutki and the handsome Manish has taken it upon itself to make people laugh till their stomach hurts. Not literally though!
Yes, the show will bring two of the funniest men or should we say one man-part woman in this business, Manish Paul and Sunil Grover a.k.a Chutki, to entertain you. With them and many more funny characters, rest assured your dose of laughter is on it's way.
So, are you ready to laugh out aloud! Are you ready for the comedy? Don't forget to tune in to 'Mad In India', starting 16th February,Sunday at 9PM only on STAR Plus.

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