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Thu, 26 Sep 2013 23:30:00 GMT
'Devon ke Dev…Mahadev' - Episode 499

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Episode 499

Parvati decides to stay away from Kailash

Ganga apologises to Parvati for hurting her sentiments. She urges Parvati not to leave Kailash. The deities worry about Parvati. Ganga departs from Kailash, after seeing Parvati angry. Nandi and the Shivgans try to stop Parvati from leaving Kailash, but in vain. Mahadev finds it difficult to pacify Parvati. Kartikey and Indradev pray to Parvati not to leave Kailash, but she denies. Parvati transforms herself into Bagalamukhi Devi to destroy the demons and the evil powers.