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Fri, 18 Oct 2013 19:00:00 GMT
'Devon ke Dev…Mahadev' - Episode 507

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Mahadev enlightens about Nau Durga's aradhana

Ganesha desires to help Parvati. Mahadev asks him and Kartikey to perform aradhana for pacifying Parvati. He enlightens them about Nau Durga's aradhana for pleasing Parvati. Malla consoles Mani, and tells him about Aghora's activity. A few people of the forest community try to attack Aghora on seeing him in the area. Aghora succeeds in defeating them and establishes Kali's idol in the area. Mainavati advises the rishis to perform a yagna for Nau Durga. Malla decides to attack Aghora.