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Sat, 23 Nov 2013 19:15:00 GMT
'Do Dil... Ek Jaan' - Episode 119

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Daya Maayi reveals to Satya about Raghu and Antara's relationship

Noor Aapa worries about Antara. Satya tries to win Antara's love, but in vain. Raghu recalls Antara and visits Satya's house to meet her. On Satya's insistence, Antara asks Raghu not to interrupt their privacy. Daya Maayi reveals to Satya that Raghu and Antara are still in love with each other. Satya confronts Daya Maayi for taking care of Raghu. He objects when Daya Maayi disrespects Antara. Satya becomes sad, as he overhears Antara calling him a demon while sharing her feelings with Raghu.