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Fri, 29 Nov 2013 20:15:00 GMT
'Do Dil... Ek Jaan' - Episode 122

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Geeta remains ignorant of Antara and Raghu's break-up

Daya Maayi presents a gift to Antara before she leaves her home to perform the Pag Phere ceremony. On Daya Maayi's insistence, Raghu presents some gifts to Geeta during the ceremony. Geeta remains ignorant of Antara and Raghu's break-up. She believes that they got married and wants to build their relationship. On Daya Maayi's insistence, Satya goes to bring Antara back to his house. He becomes furious on seeing Raghu and Antara together. Geeta insists Raghu to take Antara with him after the ceremony.