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Thu, 03 Oct 2013 22:45:00 GMT
'Gustakh Dil' - Episode 43

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Episode 43

Aisha's in-laws cancel Aisha and Siddharth's marriage

Aisha's in-laws become furious, after Laajo denies apologising to Siddharth. They cancel Aisha and Siddharth's marriage. Aisha becomes tormented regarding the same. Meanwhile, Nikhil strives to please Ishana, but in vain. He becomes dejected on thinking about Ishana. Barkha asks Laajo to leave her house. Nikhil opposes to Barkha's decision. Laajo informs Nikhil that she had slapped Siddharth for misbehaving with her. However, Barkha and Aisha deny trusting Laajo, and want her to leave the house.