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Introducing 'The Bachelorette India'

All you want to know about ‘The Bachelorette India’

The Bachelorette India

1. Adaptation of a very successful international Warner Brothers format show called – The Bachelor.

2. For the first time on Indian television, a Bollywood celebrity will choose her ‘One True Love’ live on television.

3. The journey to finding love is captured over a 5 week journey with 30 prospective men from across the country and abroad.

4. These 30 men have beeen picked after an extensive gruelling audition and shortlisting process from amongst over a lakh entries.

5. These 30 men will be staying at the beautiful Bachelorette Mansion - set in Udaipur at the Fatehgarh Palace.

  a) The stay at Fatehgarh will be for 4 weeks.

  b) Week 5 will be Home visits (with final 4)

 c)  Last week in Mumbai - with gala episodes (Final dates & D day)

 d) Every Wednesay and Friday there is a Rose Ceremony where contestants are eliminated

 e) At a decision date (which could be on any day besides Wednesday or Friday), she may choose to send one person home.

6. Each week, the suitors will be challenged to do certain activities based on Mallika’s criteria for her ideal companion. These activities typically are done to test the boys in various facets that may be important to Mallika when it comes to a relationship. They may include physical tasks, personality and talent tasks, character tests, compatibility tests, etc.

7. Mallika will be joined by her celebrity friends\family for certain episodes to come share their opinion, advise and experience and help Mallika in her decision.

8. In keeping with tradition, she will visit the homes of the chosen ones (top 4) and get to know their family & friends.

9. In the last week there will be a final elimination where she will choose the top three, they will meet her family and then the next day Mallika will choose one suitor as her "one true love" with the possibility of the final episode being telecast live.

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