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Fri, 11 Oct 2013 19:45:00 GMT
'Katha Mahadev Putra Bal Ganesh Ki' - Episode 6

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Ganesh and his friends defeat Lobhasur.

Ganesh eats the modak given by Bala and decides to save it. Ganesh seeks help from Rishi Pippalad. Rishi Pippalad tells his disciples to donate any of their gifts to the villagers. Lobhasur decides to stop the disciples from doing the same. Ganesh separates his friends in order to get them out of Lobhasur's avidity. Ganesh's friends apologise to him for being selfish. Ganesh and his friends defeat Lobhasur. Ganesh gifts his necklace to Lobhasur. Rishi Samvarth apologises to Rishi Pippalad for his misdeeds.