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Wed, 12 Mar 2014 19:45:00 GMT

Rajbir and Pooja hurt during the shoot of The Adventures of Hatim

Harnesses, swords, horses, impressive graphics, action sequences are synonymous with Life OK’s The Adventures of Hatim. However such daring stunts and acts are also accompanied by injuries which the actors have to go through on a regular basis.

Rajbir and Pooja hurt during the shoot of The Adventures of Hatim

Hatim’s Rajbir Singh and Pooja Banerjee who play Hatim and Perizaad in the show had recently shot a fight sequence and accidentally hurt each other in the process.

A source says, “The scene required Hatim and Perizaad to fight against each other. Rajbir and Pooja had an intense sword fighting sequence and the shoot went on till 6-7 hours. Though the actors enjoyed themselves a lot during the shoot, when the director called for a take, the two got so involved in the shot that they injured themselves. No major injury though, but that’s how dedicated and committed Rajbir and Pooja are. They tend to give 100% to every shot.”

Pooja Banerjee says, “It was a lengthy sequence which required me to fight with Rajbir. I had a lot of fun shooting. It was quite difficult for us to maintain a serious face but once it was a take, we got into the skin of the character.”

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