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Thu, 03 Oct 2013 22:15:00 GMT
'Savdhaan India - India Fights Back 2' - Episode 437

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Episode 437

Mishti kills Vaishali to conceal her crime

Pawan's friend, Anil, helps him to employ a maid servant, Mishti, in his house. Mishti takes care of Pawan's household work. She loves Pawan's daughter, Gudiya. Pawan's mother, Vaishali, suspects Mishti's ploy. She wants to forbid Mishti from working, but Pawan denies. In order to steal Pawan's property, Mishti makes Vaishali unconscious. Vaishali learns about Mishti's crime. Mishti kills her for the same. Gudiya captures a video in her mobile, when Mishti kills Vaishali.