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Thu, 17 Oct 2013 18:30:00 GMT
'Savitri' - Episode 157

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Rahukaal (Chandrabhan) succeeds in ruining Rajguru's powers

Rahukaal (Chandrabhan) succeeds in ruining Rajguru's powers. He keeps an eye on Rajguru. Rajguru makes Veer realise about Kali Bhumi's entry into Jai Singh's palace. He asks Veer to stay alert. Damayanti is annoyed with Veer for rejecting her love. She informs Veer that she is about to get married to Rahukaal (Chandrabhan). Rahukaal (Chandrabhan) intends to attack Veer, but Gulika (Chandrika) forbids him. On Jai Singh's permission, Rahukaal (Chandrabhan) takes Damayanti outside the palace.