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Thu, 03 Oct 2013 22:15:00 GMT
'Savitri' - Episode 161

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Episode 161

Jai Singh learns about Rahukaal's (Chandrabhan) ploy

Rajguru enlightens Jai Singh about Koshi kingdom. He tries to ruin the parasmani's power. However, Rahukaal (Chandrabhan) makes Rajguru's attempt unsuccessful. He retrieves the parasmani through his power. Uttara and Nakshatra suspect Rahukaal's (Chandrabhan) gesture. Veer becomes assured of Rahukaal's (Chandrabhan) conspiracy, after gathering few evidences related to Mahamantri's assassination. Jai Singh learns about Rahukaal's (Chandrabhan) ploy, and cancels Damayanti's marriage with him.