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Sat, 16 Nov 2013 11:15:00 GMT
'Shapath - Super Cops VS Super Villains' - Episode 37

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ACP Diler confronts Bhaykaal

Abhi's mother becomes tensed as Abhi goes missing in a forest. ACP Diler's team assures her that they will find Abhi. Meanwhile, Abhi arrives in Bhaykaal's layer. A village girl, Jhilmil, guides ACP Diler's team to Bandhawadi. Ranveer and Varun get bitten by insects. Later, Diler finds out that Jhilmil is Bhaykaal's associate. Diler's team gets captured by Bhaykaal. Mayank releases Bhaykaal's wife Kalina. Kalina saves Ranveer and Varun. With Diler's help, Kalina kills Bhaykaal.