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Mon, 10 Jun 2013 15:30:00 GMT

'Masterchef': Will your favourite make it to the top three?

The contestants are closer to their dreams than ever before. With only four contestants remaining, the MasterChef title is days away from being bestowed

'Masterchef': Will your favourite make it to the top three?

We have seen Ripu, Nisha, Doyel and Navneet have being toiling away to get their hands on the being declared India's MasterChef. Last week we saw how Navneet made his way into the the top three. He not only was awarded the MasterChef coat but also got a step closer to fulfilling his grandma's dream.

After Navneet was selected in the top three. The remaining contestants had to compete against each other to fill in the remaining two slots.We witnessed a blind tasting challenge which Nisha and Ripu managed to ace with their keen sense of taste. Doyel seemed to have a tough time with guessing the taste. Ripu and Nisha made it to the next round where they had to cook for children from an orphanage. Ripu perfected his dish and impressed the judges and children as well. The judges were so impressed with Ripu's flavours that he was given the Chef coat.

Which members will the final three comprise off? Will your favourite contestant make it there? It will all be revealed tonight! So make sure you tune in to MasterChef Kitchen Ke Superstar, Monday to Friday at 9PM only on your favourite channel STAR Plus.

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