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Tue, 25 Jun 2013 12:00:00 GMT

'Meri Bhabhi': Anand comes to know about Shraddha’s suffering

Sharddha is going through difficult times. She has concealed her sorrow from her family members for a long time now. How much longer will she go through her problems alone?

'Meri Bhabhi': Anand comes to know about Shraddha’s suffering

We saw how Shraddha was troubled for many days but never spoke to anybody about this. When her brother Anand, comes to visit her he discovers the truth about her. The bitter truth, that her husband has abandoned her for over a year. She was also burdened by financial troubles and thus was not even able to pay the house rent. Poor Dhruv was frightened when the home they lived in was being emptied. Anand who had been to the grocery store returned to find all of Kritika's belongings strewn outside of her home.
When Anand finds out about this, he is very disturbed and upset. He informs Kritika what his younger sister is going through. Shraddha is horrified that her secret is out. She is fearful of how her family will react to her condition as she is married to Bobby against the wishes of her family.
Shraddha is worried about facing her family. She fears that they will reject her, she feels that she may have failed them and perhaps even humiliated them with her choice of husband.
What lies in store for Shraddha now? Will the Shergill family accept her? Or will she be shown the door? To find out make sure you tune in to Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi Meri Bhabhi, Monday to Friday at 8PM only on STAR Plus.

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