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Tue, 04 Feb 2014 13:30:00 GMT
Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara - Episode 429 & 428

Episode 428

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Pankhuri meets Aditya

Sheela permits Payal to speak with Pankhuri. Payal becomes delighted by the same. Latika is involved in Mr. and Mrs.Goel's conspiracy. The doctors' association demands Sameer's resignation. Nirmala is upset about the same. Mrs.Goel insults Aditya and Pankhuri. Avantika defends them. Rubel suggests Pankhuri to meet Aditya. Kaira confronts him for accepting the post of MD. Govardhan is dejected as he has failed to get the ticket for the election. Jagdish comforts him. Aditya becomes surprised on seeing Pankhuri.