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Thu, 23 May 2013 11:15:00 GMT

Ratan shares tips on what to do if your child goes missing

When Ranvi decided to go out in search of his father, it was a really difficult time for me. It’s really shocking for any parent to find out that their child is missing. The very thought of not knowing where your child is and what situation he/she is can be really scary!

Ratan shares tips on what to do if your child goes missing

Here are few tips from my experience on the things to do after you find out your child is missing.

1) If your child is missing for a longer time than usual, please act immediately.

2) If you know your child has gone missing from home, search every possible corner of the house and neighbourhood. Even unlikely places like the closet, behind the refrigerator, under the bed, outside or may be a friend's place should be in your list. For all you know, your child could just be playing, sleeping or daydreaming in some corner.

3) After searching every possible place if you still don’t find your child, get in touch with the police.

4) If your child disappears in a store or a mall then notify the manager or security officers on location immediately. Nevertheless, the matter should also be reported to the police immediately.

5) When you get in touch with the police, give minute details such as your child's date of birth, name, weight, height, clothes he/she was wearing, photo of your child and any other distinctive identifiers such as eyeglasses, braces or birth marks as this will give direction to their search.

6) If it's been days since your child has been missing, take the help of family and friends to spread the word around. Make missing pamphlets with your kid’s picture on it and post/paste the area around the place your kid went missing. This will help people identify your child if they spot him/her anywhere and can contact you immediately.

These are a few useful tips on what to do if your child goes missing.

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